Battle of the fast dry topcoats: Seche Vite vs. Out The Door

Out The Door VS Seche Vite

Seche Vite is known widely as being the "fastest drying top coat". And it is! But I had recently discovered Seche Vite is not the only top coat that dries rapidly and has a high-shine gloss content.

Seche Vite's consistency is thicker than your average top coat. When it is still brand new, it is very easy to work with. It dries the surface of your manicure in about a minute or so. But don't let this fool you. It may be dry on the surface, but below it, the polish is still wet and will remain wet for a few minutes. If you go out of your way and press extremely hard, or bump into something, your polish will smudge. But you have to be trying to ruin it if you want to test this theory. If you run your fingers across your nails, they will feel dry. If you wait about 10-15 minutes, Seche Vite will have dried your manicure to the touch, and you can go about your day. I feel as if it is a bit rubbery feeling waiting 10-15 minutes, so if you want it completely hard and dry and can spare a bit of time, wait 30 minutes to ensure your newly painted manicure will not go anywhere! 
Upon first purchasing Seche Vite and opening the bottle, the scent may catch you off guard. It is definitely one of the strongest smelling polishes I have encountered. I'll admit, I can tolerate strong scents often, but this gave me a headache and took me a few uses to get accustomed to.
Over time, about half way through the bottle, the formula becomes extremely thick and slightly difficult to work with. Mine is halfway through, and I find that when applying over polish, it can tend to be draggy, uneven, and leave gaps in the path where you had stroked the brush. Because of this, I knew I had to find a better, cheaper alternative, because for me, this was just getting to the point where it was too much maintenance for a top coat. Also, did I mention Seche Vite is a little pricey? It is about $10.00, higher or lower depending where you purchase it. If you really love Seche Vite and can't seem to part with this top coat and it is getting thick on you, you can purchase Seche Restore or a nail polish thinner to turn it back to the state it once was, but that is just spending more money.
Another problem I had with Seche Vite, was that I found that there was a shrinkage problem. I would look at my polish a day after, and noticed that the top coat had shrunk around the nails. It also made lighter colors appear a darker tint. For example, my light turquoise color turned into a slightly dirty looking turquoise, and I could tell the difference in colors because the top coat shrunk a little around the edges while the base color was still there. I l
ove the drying time of Seche, but there were too many cons, so thus, I desperately had to find a better top coat.

Out The Door's consistency is very runny and thin, which is such a breath of fresh air away from Seche. The scent is much more subdued than Seche, as long as you aren't inhaling too closely. I've read other reviews and OTD does not thicken over time like SV. Also, OTD is half the price of SV. So you may have noticed, this has become my new favorite top coat for fast drying nails! Having a fast drying top coat makes my manicure life so much more easier! I don't have the constant thought in the back of my head while my nails are drying that they may smudge. Also, I tend to always paint my nails during the evening before bed, so using these top coats ensures that I don't wake up with the creases from my pillows/blankets transferred and imprinted onto my nails.
I applied both top coats to two different fingers, and I found that they dry about the same time. I haven't had any problems with OTD so far, but if I happen to encounter any, I will update this post.

Seche Vite Top Coat VS Out The Door Top Coat Comparison

As you can see, I alternated top coats. They appear identical, with the same high-shine, glossy finish and drying time! I find that for some reason, Seche doesn't noticeably tint darker polishes as the one you see me wearing. It only happens with light ones for some odd reason.

China Glaze:  Turned Up Turquoise
Please excuse the dent in the polish on my index finger. I accidentally bumped my hand into my desk immediately after I applied SV.

I actually have never tried or owned any China Glaze polishes! I always strayed away from them because I love and own many Essie's and OPI's. But I recently purchased a few China Glaze's for spring, with 'Turned Up Turquoise' being the first I tried. I'm liking it so far! :D I actually chose this color because it does dry down to a matte finish and I wanted to demonstrate the glossy finishes of the top coats. FYI, Turned Up Turquoise does appear more blue in the pictures for some reason. It is actually much more teal looking in person.

Out The Door Brush Tip Applicator

Seche Vite Top Coat Brush Tip Applicator
Comparing those two pictures, you can see yourself, SV's brush just oozes thick formula. Overall, I will continue to buy Out The Door over Seche Vite! :)

If you would like to purchase either topcoats, you can do so here:

As always, thank you for reading!

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  1. This review convinced me to buy the OTD top coat.

  2. Thank you for this comparison! I was on the same page as you as far as SV goes. I swore I was the only one who noticed shrinkage & how it turned all my light shade polishes into a darker/dirty version (annoyed the heck outta me!) cuz I never see anyone mention that detail. Thanks for recommending the OTD one, as I am definitely gonna pick that up in place of my Seche.